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Otome-kei Fashion
Membership to this community is _OPEN_. Changes are still being made, so please be patient. Layout from fruitstyle.

Welcome to Daily Otome. Please take a moment to read the community info and rules before participating.

Your moderators are cursival and yllsa.

What is otome?

Otome means "young lady" in Japanese. Otome-kei is a Japanese street style that focuses on details like bold colors, unusual mixing (but not necessary- can match) of colors, fabric ruffles, embroidery, and ribbons. It can be classified as a substyle of lolita. A lot of the clothing can be used with lolita, but the silhouette is a little different. Petticoats are often unnecessary. The look of otome is romantic and girlish; it can even be described as the more mature version of lolita. Unlike lolita, there are no strict guidelines for this style. Typically, the look one tend to want to achieve with this style is a "refined young lady"; most often, you get the late 1950-1960's feel from the clothes. Some have even called this style as casual OL (office lady) style.

      For more information:
                  » Otome brand blogs
                  » Brand website and shop list (coming soon)

Post Guidelines
1. The following types of posts are allowed:
      -Questions about otome-kei and related brands, and how to buy them
      -News and articles
      -Completed sewing/craft projects and tutorials

      -Advertisements for other communities with maintainer permission

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